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COMPETITION - Here's One I RE:made Earlier!


Competition has now ended and judging has taken place. Winners have been be contacted.

For details please check competition blog:

BLOG - Junkk Male RE:view

This was a part of the May 5th Guardian 'World of Plastics' insert (click to read).

Here's one I RE:made earlier!


We've shown you one of ours. Now, you show us, and the world... yours, in this great plastics reuse ideas competition for all ages and imaginations!

<-- Best of Show Prize - recycled plastic bench Category Prizes - recycled foot wear -->

With the chance of winning some great prizes!

Calling all budding designers! Where others see re:fuse, do you see re:source? Here's your chance to show how we can all do our little bit to save planet, and pocket, with rubbish re:use ideas!

1. There will be at least one prize in each age category. There will be one 'best of the bunch'.

2. Prizes are not transferable, and are not redeemable for cash or exchange.

3. You may enter as many ideas as you wish, but only one prize per person will be awarded.

How to enter

Note: You don't have to enter the competition, and/or provide an idea to join and surf all the ideas and info on the site. So please feel free to register anyway!

Step 1:

Register according to Judging Category age range below. We need to make sure you're you and know how to find you if you win.

Three Judging Categories

Kids 6 to 12 Click here to preset registration page.

Tweens 13 to 16 Click here to preset registration page.

Adults 17+ Click here to preset registration page.

Step 2:

Once successfully registered and signed in, surf a while (note the competition closes June 30, 2009!) and check out all the other ideas on the site.

Step 3:

Come back when you are ready and enter your idea (tip: a picture is a great help to let us all see how good it is) under IDEAS by going to Suggest Ideas.

Already Registered And Fancy Joining In?:

Enter your idea (tip: a picture is a great help to let us all see how good it is) but let us know in (7. Instructions - see pix below) what category you're entering under:

We are putting together a judging panel of experts chaired by Junkk.com Junkk Male Peter, such that anonymous entries will be reviewed for awards based on a points system.

For those interested in competition news and updates as it all progresses, it will be worth checking:

BLOG - Junkk Male RE:view

Twitter - http://twitter.com/junkkmale

To coincide with this competition, we have also opened social networking group pages on:

FaceBook 'Here are some we RE:made earlier'

MySpace; when their system works.

SecondLife; second use goes virtual - Coming:)

Terms and Conditions

1. Competition restricted to UK postcodes only.

2. Competition not open to employees of Guardian Group, Lyonsdown, Junkk.com, britishrecycledproducts.co.uk or ipanema.

3. Ideas are to be from a waste plastic/plastics item(s) in combination, and other materials may be included.

4. Winners will be contacted by Junkk.com to advise of success and in which category, and will be provided contact details at Lyonsdown to arrange delivery of sponsor prizes.

5. For validation and PR purposes, prizewinner consent is presumed for subsequent publication, in the form of: Prize: idea/first name of winner, Town/postcode.

6. The judges' decisions are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

7. Competition open from May 5, 2009. Final date for idea entry is May 31, 2009.

8. Judging will take place throughout June, with winners informed by June 30, 2009.

9. Prize delivery will be the responsibility of Lyonsdown and their sponsors.

10. Proof of age (at time of submission) may be required for Kids' and Tweens' categories.

Note: Any ideas posted on Junkk.com are public domain, open source, free to view. DO NOT share anything you think has intellectual property value without prior advice and protection. Where there's muck there can be brass! Or, to put it another way, some rubbish ideas can make money:)

Credits - Junkk.com would like to thank David of Sound-I and Phoenix J (check out her Junkk jingle here) for working together at short notice to bring the competition to the fore and creating a dedicated registration system for entrants.

Author/Source: Junkk.com
Date: 04/05/2009

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