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Red, white, rose... or Green?

  Some good cheer for the season, in more ways than one!

We've been advised of an environmental revolution in the wine industry, signalled by
Grove Mill - an award-winning winery in New Zealand's Marlborough region - with the introduction of its 2006 vintages. They are, by all accounts the first winery in the world to be 'carbon neutral, with no net carbon dioxide emissions entering the atmosphere through the growing, production or shipping of its wines. Note that latter, 'including the shipping', so unless you know different that puts them at the top of the Xmas tree (well, not literally, unless it's a very strong one) even against more 'local' fare than the other side of the world.

The first wine released in the UK is Grove Mill's Sauvignon Blanc 2006, which sports the CarboNZero© neck tag in the UK off-trade, a mark of the company's ongoing commitment to reduce its impact on global climate change.

Grove Mill became certified through Landcare Research's CarboNZero© programme which involves three important steps: measuring; managing toward reduced emissions; and finally offsetting the remaining unavoidable emissions through the regeneration of native forests.

We'll drink to that, and those who fancy joining us can head along to their nearest Oddbins. On foot, we trust, for all sorts of good reasons!

Author/Source: JunkkMale
Date: 19/12/2006

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