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Little Victories!

  It's nice to be able to pop some news in about our own activities every so often, and especially when it's so good.

Junkk.com has just returned from the 'Dreaming of a Green Christmas' show at the Science Museum's Dana Centre.

Over a hundred people had been invited, from all walks of life, and it was a pretty packed affair in what was a very nice, hi-tech venue.

We'll let the link take you to who was there, but it was an eclectic mix and there was a lot to learned in the dicussions and panels.

We certainly met some nice folk, from co-panellists/exhibitors to audience members. Our personal favourite comment was from one who, on being asked why she voted for Junkk.com in the competition that took place, said 'Well, reuse is the best eco-option there is' (taking reduction as a given).

Nice to see, live, that people 'get' what we're trying to do. The stand was popular, and we also now have a few new items we made for the event that went down well, along with soem new suggestions from the evening which we must post.

Junkk Male Peter also got to speak, and pitch for Junkk.com on a few award category criteria, including 'best for' recycling, reuse, energy effciency and sustainability. You may notice he 'dressed to impress', manfully re-using our Green Santa outfit from last year!

Well, with much chuffingness, we can advise we managed to score top slot in 3 of the 4 categories.

And with a couple we did it by quite a margin. See that big bar poking across the picture.... us!

Not to say the others did not have really very good products and stories to tell (which we are more than happy to add to the site diRE:ctory), but we did also have a slight advantage in being free to all.

But still a bit of a boost, and another notch on the way.

More photos from the show here

Author/Source: JunkkMale
Date: 08/12/2006

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