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As one window opens, another closes

Well, they obviously need the money!

We were less than impressed to learn via a Green Party mailing of Microsoft's attempts to get Windows installed onto OLPCs (One Laptop per Child)

Get e'm while they're young, eh, Bill?

Sin Berry, Green Principal Speaker, has said:

"Open Source tools are a way to let the global south develop their own knowledge economies. Microsoft want to restrict the greatest profits in the knowledge economy to already established software corporations like them," and without pulling any punches added, "By installing their programs on these laptops they hope to create market domination and vendor lock in. That's unacceptable bribery. It would be a massive missed opportunity not to extend software freedom to students in the global south."

We tend to agree, though the issue is obviously highly complicated, with many players. Check the link below out and decide for yourselves:here

Author/Source: JunkkMale
Date: 05/12/2006

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