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Reading At The Wheel - It's Fine If You're At College

  A long time ago, I was a student at Reading University. PBFA in the PBZ building (don't ask). Sort of James Herriot meets Monsanto. No wonder I only lasted two years.

However, it has a nice campus, with lots of greenery and halls of residence scattered around the faculties. I was lucky to be in one of these, so my driving was mainly a shuttle to and from London at week's end and start to visit my girlfriend.

But many are now scattered about the area, so we were interested to hear about, and post here that they are to launch a car sharing scheme in a bid to cut traffic and congestion on local roads.

You get an idea of scale when you learn that the University one of the area's largest employers, with around 3,500 staff, on top of 15,000 students.

Hence they have joined forces with Liftshare, to provide a car sharing scheme for both staff and students.

Louise Boom, from Liftshare.com, said: "Car sharing is already having a significant impact both locally and across the UK and initiatives like this will help to ensure that awareness of car sharing continues to grow"

The site is one of the largest car-sharing initiatives in the country, with more than 140,000 users. It manages more than 8,400 schemes and seven in the Reading area. Members are estimated to have shared more than 4 million miles last year, giving an approximate saving of 10,000 tonnes of Co2. Plus, one presumes, a bit of spare cash.

Access is completely web based, with a dedicated web site which is accessed via a link on the University's web site. Staff and students will be able to register themselves as either a passenger requiring a lift or as a driver offering a lift. The system then searches for people along a route matching people who pass close to one another on their journey. Contact between travelers is via e-mail, so no individual information is disclosed.

The scheme will also match people who wish to travel by taxi, cycle or walk the same route.

Author/Source: JunkkMale
Date: 04/12/2006

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