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In The Dog (Out) House

There's no easy way to say it: this story could crea.. avoid a stink. In fact it's just another one to add to the collection before we have enough to start up our rather dodgy new feature: Pooh Corner.

Apparently more than 20 new dog fouling bins are being installed across Mendip to encourage pet owners to clean up their act.

Of course, having the bins is one thing; getting the owners to do the necessary is another! It's not nice, but then stepping in teh stuff is even less so.

Check These Foul facts:

. There are about seven million dogs in Britain today, with 10 per cent of the UK population being dog owners.

. It is estimated that about 1,000 tonnes of poo and one million gallons of urine are deposited by dogs every day across the country.

. Local Authorities receive about 5,000 calls of complaint every week about dog mess in public places.

. About 13 per cent of dogs in UK are infected with Toxocara canis, the common roundworm of the dog. People can catch the disease Toxocariasis through contact with faeces.

. There are usually two cases of Toxocariasis per million people every year. Effects are flu-like symptoms, poor vision and in very rare cases total blindness. Children are at most risk.

. Fresh faeces are not a Toxocara hazard as the bacteria take about three weeks to mature.

. Almost 10 per cent of faeces are also infected with E.Coli 0157. Ingestion can lead to food poisoning, and virulent strains can be extremely serious.

. Dogs are typically fed on meat-based diets, which make their poo more difficult to decompose as there are few organisms adapted to deal with carnivore faece


You know, this gives us an idea for a Junkk.com.. er.. idea - reused packaging pooper-scoopers. We're on the case of the best design now!

Dog owners who do allow their animals to foul in public places, or fail to clean up after them, of course run the risk of an on the spot fine or even court prosecution.

The new Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act, of which parts have already been implemented, replaces dog by-laws with a new, simplified system which will enable local authorities and parish councils to deal with fouling by dogs in almost any public area.

Worth noting is that pet owners are also advised that if a dog bin is not available, then animal faeces can be placed in a normal litter bin providing it is tied up in a bag or wrapped in newspaper.

To report dog fouling or a particular hotspot contact Mendip District Council's Customer Services on 01749 648999 or e-mail: customerservices@mendip.gov.uk.


Author/Source: JunkkMale
Date: 21/11/2006

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