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Dreaming Of A Green Christmas?



Read about it here

It gives us great pleasure to post this news. Because not only is it topical, fun and bang on about what we spend our time banging on about... we're also going to be part of it!

London's Science Museum has asked us to come along and share some Junkkly Yuletide wisdom at a special exhibition they are holding on December 6th, in the evening at their Dana Centre.

And our very own Junkk Male will be there (it's his birthday, so all together now.. 'Happy..) bedecked in his 'Green Santa' outfit (did you know Santa was dressed in Green until Coca Cola changed him to red in the 30's?) with a few of the latest and best ideas we've seen on our pages in the last year. Especially any that may lend themselves to a nifty homemade present, and you know the thought counts sooo much more when it's not store bought!!!

This green Christmas bazaar is for one night only, and visitors will be able to buy great gifts that offer a reduced environmental impact

It is all part of a night of discussion and debate called
'Dreaming of a Green Christmas?' Experts (that surely doesn't include Junkk Male does it?) will reveal what makes a product green and why it is often more complicated being eco-friendly than many people might think. Trust us, we know about THAT!

At the event - supported by SITA Trust and Defra - a leading waste and recycling expert will give an overview of this complex issue, before handing the floor to product designers and manufacturers who will explain why their products are eco-friendly.

The audience will then vote to decide which is the most green product by using eco-criteria including energy efficiency, re-use, recycled materials and sustainability.

Jennie Pollard, event organiser from the Science Museum, says: "With the UK estimated to get through three million tonnes of waste this Christmas, we certainly have a great time, but at what cost to the planet?" And we all know kids have more fun with the packaging anyway, right?

Also at the Dana Centre this Christmas:

Coping with Christmas

Wednesday 13 December /19.00-20.30

Love it or hate it, when it comes to Christmas, one fact is certain: it's stressful. Experts including psychiatrist Paul Salkovskis and life coach Heather Waring will help us get the best out of Christmas.

God rest ye merry Scientists

Thursday 14 December 19.00-20.30

Can religion and science tell each other anything? Are they really two opposing ways of seeing the world? Join us to find out more about why we believe in religion (and science!)
Nearest tube: Gloucester Road. There is no parking at the Dana Centre (except for disabled drivers). Residents' parking restrictions apply until 22:00.

Author/Source: JunkkMale
Date: 20/11/2006

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