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Green Fibres

Greenfibres is about organic textiles. We offer clothing and bedding products that are an environmentally responsible alternative to conventional products. We use materials such as organic cotton, organic linen, organic wool, chemical free silk, and hemp, and ensure that the items are made under fair and safe working conditions. We produce some of these organic textile products ourselves at our manufacturing facility just outside of Plymouth, and work with over 60 other suppliers in the UK and abroad to ensure that we can offer customers the most environmentally responsible garment without compromising on quality or style.
Address: 99 High Street
Postcode: TQ9 5PF
Telephone: 01803 868001
Email: info@junkk.com
Web Address: http://www.greenfibres.com
Contact name: William Lana (Mr)

Organic cotton / organic wool pillow

The organic wool is an excellent temperature and moisture regulator. This is luxurious pillow with a slight bounce. Organic cotton outer quilted with organic wool. UK standard size 50cm x 75cm (20" x 30") order nr. 60022 49

Organic cotton / untreated linen bath towel

The combination with natural linen makes this towel range extremely absorbent and adds an exfoliating and massaging effect. This luxurious and heavy material is traditionally used for sauna towels. bath towel 135 cm x 180 cm (53" x 70") order nr. 4811 69

Organic cotton t-shirt

With simple garments like t-shirts, small design changes can make a big difference. This year we've made a few improvements: the cotton is uncombed giving a comfortable lived-in feel after only a few washes, and the neck opening has been made more generous. 195 gsm weight sizes: s, m, l, xl 1132 natural or black 10 For more products, please check out our website.

Updated by Source: Admin
Date: 27/03/2006

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