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About Local

You'll Be Surprised How Much Is Right Up Your Street.

* We can provide all sorts of neat information that's tuned to your locality, based on the first block of your postcode.

* Find out about events, re:related businesses and/or services round the corner - or even right next door!

* Better yet, tell us - the site is fully interactive and ever-evolving with news and information from your area!

Next door. Round the corner. Up your street. In the neighbourhood. If it's re-levant to you and where you live, here's where to look. Or make a contribution.

Main Features

JunkkYard - Someone near you might want to give away some useful rubbish?
National A-Z - Search our directory listing across the country in alphabetical order.
Local Info - A new section will also appear listing an info/diREctory local to you once you've registered and logged in.

Would you like to feature on our A-Z/Local Info pages?
You must first register as a business or an organisation. Then after you've uploaded your information, it will be queued for approval before appearing on your local info pages. You can still edit and preview your information in the meantime.

As a business or organisation, you will need to have a "re" in what you do, whether it's reduce, reuse, repair or recycle. And it doesn't matter if you're a one-person shop or a large organisation, a charity or a commercial enterprise. We welcome you on board!


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