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This is a bit like Prof's Posers, only a bit more multiple choice.

In our travels we stumble across issues that may be environemntally in the right direction, but as we often say, 'Green is seldom easily viewed in black or white'.

So, here are a few we've come up with to start the ball rolling, with our initial take. Fhen we find out, or get told* the answer, we'll add it in.

DRYING - Paper Towels VS. Hot Air Machines

Initial take. Both are prevalent, so there must be pros and cons dpending on various criteria. Cost. Hygiene, etc. We suspect saving the planet is not a primary... as yet. Frankly we're erring on paper for now as it is can be a carbon neutral product, and is , to us, a lot more effective. Pumping out hot air, using electricity, strikes us as a poor way to prvent global... warming.

Speaking of electricty (and making more plastic boxes in the Far East), we have heard of a cold-air blade concept from Dyson.

We stand ready to be persuaded which is best.


FUNERALS - Burial vs. Cremation

(Taken from BLOg, for now) Despite most in the eco-sphere on this topic surrounding casket design (Cardboard, bamboo, etc), I must confess to having treated it as a bit of a niche thing, despite death, along with taxes, being a bit of a growth industry, along with the global population.

And that is a key consideration. Because if there's more and more of us standing on top of the earth, there's an ever more limited series of places to stick folk under it. And once we start fighting with the guys planting bio-fuel crops, it could get ugly.

Of course it already has to an extent. When I lived in Singapore over a decade ago, large numbers of ancestors were quietly, if rather unceremoniously JCB'd from their eternal slumbers and popped in an urn in a wall if they were lucky.

So pretty much my whole experience, including personally with my Dad, has been cremation.

But in the whole dental filling (mercury) pollution and simple combustion products (heat, gas) scheme of things, is it a good idea?

No idea. On the case!


SHAVING - Electric VS. Disposable VS. Blades VS. ?

Well, there's still alwasy the cut-throat and a leather strop. However, for those of us (males - there is another poser for the ladies and their lovely legs that will inlude chemicals in the mix) less Sweeny Todd inclined for our morning ablutions it's more likely to be options 1 & 2.

Frankly, we have no idea. Both will involve materials and transport, in making and packaging. Which is better in a lifetime? And when does the electric charging cost have an e-factor that takes over?

We're working on second uses for the disposables as we speak.


If you do have an answer, let us know*. or if you have a question to pose, send it in via: info@junkk.com , with Subject = Prof's Poser

*Don't forget, we always give credit (and, often, a free link), where it's due:)


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