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It's a bit early to get too excited for now, but this is starting to look promising - if a load more work (happy problem:) as the admin system on this site is wind-driven and every URL has to be keyed-in manually... by HTML:( So if I forget a link... sorry.

The latest poser for now (being tied to one a week, or even newsletter, is making my head spin already, so we'll have to figure an archive and renewal system once it all gets going) is from Dave of
Solarventi :


I'll try and find a piccy later, probably in our own section to create for this.

"Do you think that this is a wind-up? The idea of geo-thermally heated water from bore holes is not new - but 10 Kms deep and generating steam at 300C !!!"

Meanwhile, we have our first contribution to FOILED AGAIN!

- the picture referred to is posted on our January newsletter - from Junketeer Anthony of groundworknw

Junkk Male Follow-up Reply: Still a few blanks I'd like to fill there, Anthony, but thanks! And I think you may have raised a few more, which I'll add later here('cos I can, having been showed, a tad dangerously, how our admin system works)!


'Alloy foil is recyclable, but by a different route to cans. And whereas you might get 50p/kg for cans, its only 30p/kg for foil. Different alloy or something - gets used for car engines, while cans make cans (if I remember right). And the collection networks are pathetic, unlike cans.
As for foil that springs back when you crumple it - like the crisp packet in your picture - that's plastic. Maybe a smattering of metal there, but essentially plastic, maybe see-through!'

Original Qu :

We have a weekly kerbside collection. Paper. Glass. No Plastics (yet). And Metals. Cans, both steel and aluminium welcome. Looking at the collection above, I was just wondering:

a) Are things like foil ok too?

b) If so, what - you can see here cooking foil, containers and even metal bottle foil.

c) Assuming yes, is there any metal NOT suitable?

d) How clean need they be? In the case of the bacon butty aftermath, that's solid fat. Not worth the hot water energy for me to get rid of in the sink, but how about back at the process plant? If that's a no-no, then it's the bin. But how about some crumbs, like on a cake tin? Are they OK?


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Which in the world of planet-saving would make us pretty darn lethal. Question is... to whom?

We'd like to think to the causes of ignorance, hype, obfuscation, agendas, targets and all sorts of other money or career first, future second initiatives and their proponents.

So we are proud to say we know we don't know everything, and when we don't think we know we'll say so... and try and find out from someone who does. And in our travels we've found a few. But we'd love to find more. On the principle of six degrees of separation (I'm buffing my coronet as we speak) you, dear reader, may have the answer. Or know someone who does. And when we know... all of our readers will know, making things better all round.

If you do, let us know*. or if you have a question to pose, send it in via: info@junkk.com , with Subject = Prof's Poser

*Don't forget, we always give credit (and, often, a free link), where it's due:)


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