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There's a lot of them about.

And like most things, they can be good, bad, and ugly.

What's for sure is that if there is no such thing as bad publicity, there's no such thing as a bad award to win, except when the awards are for being bad at what you do. But even then, like the Razzies, you can turn a top place to your advantage.

However, there are down sides, most notably wasting time, and even more... money, if the ROI is not great.

Many awards are free, but can tie you up entering. Forms. Collating entries. Posting them off. Going to the dinner to find out if you have won. Or not. Buying a bottle of bubbly to drown your sorrows, etc.

And even if you win, was being deemed best website by the East Cheam Advertiser really worth sleeping with the judge for? (That said, and God forbid there is such a publication, I am sure he/she (no gender implications meant) is a lovely person).

So here is what we know or have been told about, if we entered what's involved, and the value we perceive it to have. No sour grapes intended, but take any we didn't win in the spirit of logic demanded:)

WHEN: Closes 30 March 2007
WHAT: Independent-Bosch Tech Horizons
WHAT... MORE?: Two sections. 14-18 & 19-24.
HOW: Looks free. Money to be won.
URL: www://education.independent.co.uk/careers_advice/engineering/article1962598.ece
COMMENTS: Just a tad too old ourselves, darn it! Anyone under 24 fancy coming here for job experience and applying? Are you not an adult by then - in which case isn't this a bit ageist?

Tell us,and we're happy to pass 'em on - just an 'e' to info@junkk.com with 'AWARD: [your award]' will speed the process.

What will make life even spiffier is if you follow this format:

WHEN: Date, time
WHAT: Award title
WHAT... MORE?: A few more key details
HOW: Much. We prefer free, naturally.
URL: Your www. here
COMMENTS: This is for us... we know things


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