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Money. Who needs it?

Actually, we think we pretty much all do. There may well be some awesome self-sustaining folk out there who are in a righteous circle of contained lifestyly, cradle to grave, input to output, but not too many. And the rest of us will soon polish them off with our global warming ways if we're not careful.

Which is what we're trying to help avoid. But to do so, rents need to get paid, food shopping carried out (if not carried), IT-gurus to be roused from their slumbers by Linda Evangelista (type her into the Search top right and you'll see why), etc.

Junkk.com is 'FOR PROFIT'. Paid for out of our pockets for now, but hoping to secure revenue from advertisers to reach our audience, for whom we are determined to keep the site free. And we're hoping to become self-sustaining soon. But Rome wasn't built in a day, and this site makes that city's construction look like a Barratt 2up2down Exec DesRes in Slough in comparison.

So we're always up for a freebie to keep us going and make us better.

But being FOR PROFIT cuts us out of a lot (and don't get us started on what we know about how some - not many - Charities and Not-for-Profits don't make any money), but we have found a few.

Yet we have benefitted from some largesse in our time, and can stumble on new troves, which we'll add here so you can too. It's good to share.

And you never know, what goes around...

WHEN: Open
WHAT: Solution For Financing Problems, For Entertainment Business And Creative Sector Projects
WHAT... MORE?: Whether you are a film-maker looking to finance a film or TV project, a games developer looking to finance a new game, a record company looking to finance a new album, putting together a new theatre production, or any other type of creative project, even a band that wants to make and market a DIY album, you can raise finance simply and easily.
WHO: Sponsors, etc
HOW: Much. The more the merrier!
URL: www.mediamoghul.com
COMMENTS: We queried cultura.org.uk, who sent this over, about the Paypal requirment when there was no transaction as yet. They have satisfied us it's worth passing on with this:

"At the moment, the user registration requires your Paypal details because it supports the buying & listing process.

You can browse Mediamoghul.com without registering.

We have forwarded your comments to Media Moghul, and they are looking into making the Paypal element non-mandatory at point of user registration, as we understand that this could be a dis-incentive for other users not looking to buy/sell on the site.

Please note that Media Moghul is a secure site, and your registration details will remain confidential.

What will make life even spiffier is if you follow this format:

WHEN: Deadline
WHAT: Fund Title
WHAT... MORE?: A few more key details
WHO: Sponsors, etc
HOW: Much. The more the merrier!
URL: Your www. here
COMMENTS: This is for us... we know things


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