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About Articles

Cool Ways To Check Out Hot Topics.

* News & views, tips & tricks that can keep you up to date and ahead of the game.

* The latest and best in the fast-paced world of the globally-warmest issues and information.

* We try to stay as factual and objective as possible on all our pages, inviting and sharing balanced views from all sides.

* Of course we can't resist having an opinion. So for a clearly subjective view, there's always our Blog (or the Forums)!

Well, we have stuck our head over the parapet on your behalf and caught the choicest bits as they take our fancy. The latest we put up first as news or reviews and then we store it all away so you can see what's new... and then delve deeper if you want to. Sometimes we have a rummage ourselves and produce our very own articles ourselves.

Click the left hand menu, or the links below, to see how many topics we cover... with more added daily on demand or as stuff happens.

These may inspire you to have your own ideas on how to think up second uses for your existing junk. Or seek answers to burning questions. With all our Gurus and fellow Junkketeers ready on tap. In which case don't forget to visit Ideas or Community when you've taken a break from here!

Main Features
(This entire section can be viewed without registering.)

General Articles - Big 'Ed Emma tackles a new subject most days, and keeps archived ones updated.
News - If it's out there and it's worth knowing, chances are it's in here too.
Reviews NEW! - This is where we buy something for our own use, have a go as a family and then share our experiences.
BLOG - A more frank & personal take on events via the Junkk Male RE:view.


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