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See what these very nice people have said about us...

Janey Lee Grace, Radio 2 presenter, author, singer.

Penney Poyzer, No Waste Like Home Presenter

"Having met with the Junkk.com team almost a year ago I was highly impressed with their concept. Junkk.com just gets better and is a superb source of information on the reusing of virtually all items."
Martin Burd, Community Support Fund

"A superb idea to help recycling and reduce land fill. It provides a good focal point for everbody."
S. Burns, Spokes

"I believe you have tapped into a social attitude which will have to become the norm in a few years time. Society cannot continue to consume without a social conscience".
Paul Hickey, 24/7 Real Media

"I read [about Junkk.com] with interest and welcome your new waste reduction initiative.. this may in particular have local government advantages.."
Norman Baker MP
Liberal Democrat Environment Spokesperson

"I am pleased to hear of the progress with your project"
Malcolm Harbour
Member of the European Parliament for the West Midlands, UK

"Delighted to support"
Virginia Taylor
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Hereford

"Interesting stuff!"
Dr. Amelia Craighill
Waste and Sustainability Manager
Cotswold District Council

"The Folda Holda (ingenious!) is undergoing trials on my desk as out out-tray.."
Mary Blake
London Borough of Enfield

"That all sounds good, I'll spread the news."
Sara Burch
Hereford Council

"We can also ensure that your site is promoted when we do the re-write of the guidance to local authorities on the production of their Municipal Waste Management Strategies"
Dr. Andy Rees, Environment Agency Wales


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