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The Junkk Team

If you are going to do something well, hire a specialist.

So to create Junkk.com, market it, promote it and run it, we believe we have assembled about as dreamiest a dream team as anyone could hope for.

On design and copywriting, we engaged Blanksheet.net, sister company under the Firebird Creative Collective umbrella. Even some musical contributions from Firebird Music (check out the Junkk Jingle!).

Firebird Blanksheet

Then to bring the concept to working reality and run it, we brought in IT/Web whizzes VIS.co.uk. They know all about storing, juggling, and making the searching of vast quantities of data a doddle.


Their fine efforts in development are now complemented by sound-i, who are helping us perfect the site and evolve it into as user-friendly a consumer medium as it can be, for personal and business users alike.

Making sure the creative would work in practice, and to deliver a product that works for business, we then honed our business model, the site and rate card with new media specialists I-level.com


There's no point having a great idea if no one knows about it, so to help with getting the word out we have Writing Services on board to look after press and public relations.

Next up is our Advertising Planning and Sales, which will be handled on a day-to-day basis by top London digital media specialists Unanimis, whose strategic direction and operations will be overseen on our behalf by Gary Brown, former Chief Executive of the Starcom MediaVest Group(SMG) Asia Pacific and more latterly Chief Operating Officer of SMG across the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) Region.

UnanimisGary Brown

And to make sure we're doing all we should and none of what we shouldn't, we enjoy the wise counsel of the media specialist legal firm Briffa.com.


Well, the team just keeps on growing! We're pleased to announce that we have been joined by Pat Freshwater and Amanda Brooke of The Business Advisor Partnership, consulting with us on many business and marketing-related issues, rejoicing in their Junkk-titles of 'Our Ladies of Vision'. They are also tasked with getting from 'here' to 'there' without those creative 'ohh, this looks worth a detour' detours.

We'd also like to acknowledge the contribution of Herefordshire & Worcestershire Creative Industries, Business Link and Chamber of Commerce, who have supported Junkk.com with advice almost since our inception, and more tangibly with some major, and greatly appreciated, funding to help establish much of the core functionality and pre-marketing requirements.

Finally, there are many others who have one way or another contributed to Junkk and we would also like to acknowledge them: Acknowledgements.

With warmest wishes,
from the Junkk.com core team...

Peter - Junkk Male; PJ - First Lady; Emma - Chief of Stuff


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