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About Junkk
Our Story - What is Junkk.com?
Junkk Community
Community - A forum for sharing information, discussions and debate, and making new friends.
Junkk Ideas
IDEAS - Create or search for reuse ideas/data from everyday products that may otherwise end 'in the bin'.
Junkk Answers
Answers - Ask all sorts of questions... and be pleasantly surprised at all the possible answers.
Local Junkk
Local - An A-Z directory... Find out what is available in your area. Or swap items in your local JunkkYard.
Junkk Articles
Articles - news and general information on all environmental matters, from climate change to biodiesel to eco-fashion.

Delivered to a PC screen near you, in a whole new way:

Remember, Junkk.com isn't a nag. We also prefer to steer clear of the 'we're all doomed if we don't..' style in favour of positive, re:warding choices. Trust us; if we don't know something, we'll say so then go off and do our best to find out for you.

That's what mates are for.


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