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Core Idea

One way of introducing simple, yet innovative ideas to help save the planet, is a brainstorming of second-use ideas on our "ideas" page. Consider the following...

Before you begin to bin things, what do you think they might be worth?

MONEY: Second use means one less thing to buy
TIME: Maybe one less trip to the shop
THE PLANET: And one less item in the landfill.

Example: Bottle caps from discarded cartons look pretty much like the floor protectors which you would purchase from the shops for 2.50 for a set of four. By re-using these caps, you'll be saving 2.50, plus petrol, plus the air by not producing petrol fumes when you drive, and saving the land by not filling it up with more rubbish.

If every household of the 30 million households alone in the UK practises this one small step, not counting offices and schools, that's at least 45 skips of bottle caps a day not going into landfill.

Admittedly, the caps may not look exactly like those fancy ones they sell, but if enough of us request and demand it, manufacturers might be encouraged to start redesigning their packaging with second uses in mind!

Here's another use for caps... as camera lens caps!! How often do you lose them??

To browse or suggest some reuse ideas, go here.


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