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Books are a great way to escape into another world for a few hours. You can learn so much from them. But what do you do once you have read a book and you have no use for it anymore? Well there are many book swap schemes across the country, where you can swap your unwanted book with one you want to read. Many of these services are free.


Check out
This is a national book swap scheme. It is free and you can swap as many books as you like, and only pay for the postage. Also check out www.readitswapit.co.uk
which also provides an exchange service.

If you don't have a book swap scheme in your area then you can join the library, or start your own scheme.

If you have further information about book swaps, or you have a book swap scheme that you want to promote on this website, please register under corporate registration, and you can add your information to the website for FREE

alternatively, contact us for more information here:


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