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Spectacle Recycling

Many of us at some point use spectacles due to defective eyesight. Spectacles, also known as glasses, consist of two lenses which have been mounted in a frame to hold them into position for a person to wear. There are different types of lenses. Concave glass is used for nearsightedness, so that the rays of light are diverged. Convex lenses are used for farsightedness, so that the light rays are converged. Astigmatism is remedied by cylindrical lenses. Bifocal lenses, with a lower part for viewing objects near at hand (as in reading), were first devised by Benjamin Franklin. (Source: Answers.com).

Our eyesight can change over time which can require new glasses. So what do you do with your old glasses? Once upon a time they would usually get chucked out with the rubbish. Now there is no excuse as many shops such as Vision Express provide recycling bins within their stores so that your old glasses can be recycled instead. If you're not sure then give your nearest store a ring to find if they do provide recycling facilities.

Further Information

Donate your old spectacles to Vision Aid Overseas, who refurbish them and send them to developing countries for people. Check out the link below to find out how you can donate:

Alternatively Help the Aged are looking for glasses. Broken glasses are recycled and the material sold on which covers costs of sending good glasses to developing countries. For further information check out the website here:

We currently don't have any reuse ideas for spectacles, but if you do something funky, interesting, unusual with them, then please pop us an email on info@junkk.com Alternatively if you know of recycling facilities for spectacles near you and would like to see that information on the website then let us know!

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