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The Humble Plastic Bottle

Plastics are a big issues within the UK. Some local authorities do collect plastic bottles in their kerbside collection schemes but many do end up in the landfill. LA's spend approximately 45 million every year collecting and disposing of plastic bottles, which could be recycled instead, for around 27 million.

Why does plastic get bad press?

Because plastic hangs around like a bad smell. Unfortunately, plastic can't breakdown, which means once it is in landfill; it stays there for years and years. Oil is commonly used in the making of plastic, and this is one resource the world is rabidly running out of. Plastic bottles are light, and full of air, and this is one reason why councils are reluctant to put them in kerbside schemes. Because plastic bottles are light and full of air, they take up room.

Some interesting facts about plastic bottles

* 7.9% of household plastic bottles were recycled in 2004.
* It is estimated that 9.2 billion plastic bottles are disposed of each year.
* Most plastic bottles are made from PET or HDPE.
* 11% of household waste is plastic and 40% of that is plastic bottles.
* On average, a household will use over 373 plastic bottles per year. Approximately only 29 of these will get recycled.
* There are currently 348 plastic bottle recycling schemes operating in local authority areas.
* 25 two-litre PET bottle bottles can make one fleece.
* 8.4 million households can now participate in kerbside schemes that include plastic.

So what can I do?

Well the best thing to do is reduce the amount of bottles you buy! If you like bottled water, why not invest in a water filter instead? You save money, and reduce the amount of bottles you buy to nothing! Secondly, reuse your bottles. When going to the gym, fill a bottle up with water - also saves you using the cups that are provided in next to water facility. Junkk.com also has a selection of reuse ideas for plastic bottles, so go to the Search Stuff section and see what you can find. Alternatively, if you have any reuse ideas, then pop them up!

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