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Cooking Oil

Cooking oil

Cooking oil is a substance used in cooking food. Go along to the local supermarket, and you will see many varieties of oil that you can buy. Olive oil, sunflower oil, vegetable oil, palm oil, peanut oil and coconut oil to name just a few. Cooking oil is purified fat of animal or plant origin, and is liquid at room temperature. Oil is used usually for deep fat frying, or used as salad dressing or to add flavour when cooking.
We have been told that 25 Litres of waste cooking oil is worth 5. That is 20 pence per litre!

What can be done with waste cooking oil?

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a nationwide recycling initiative for waste oil from consumers, although by law, businesses have to have a collector to pick up their waste oil.

A more radical idea, which is being developed across the world, is the use of waste cooking oil as a fuel for cars. This is becoming increasingly popular in America. A biodisel car runs on both waste cooking oil and diesel. Although currently this isn't commercially viable nationwide, it potentially can become the norm in years to come.

It is recommended that you don't pour oil down the drains or sinks as it can cause blockages. Plus this is ending up in the water system, and it's not too good for the environment. It is recommended that you store your used oil in a secure container, and take it to the local amenity site where they will be able to dispose/recycle it for you. Although some local amenity sites do not take cooking oil. Some councils suggest putting cooking oil in the bin in a secure container. This ends up in the landfill. A couple of alternatives are:

* If you don't use that much oil, then small quantities can be poured onto your composting pile. Make sure the oil is cold first.

* Some 'bio diesel clubs' have been formed across the country, and they are keen to collect anyone's waste oil, which they convert to use in their cars. Contact your local council to use if there is a club near you.

* Save your oil and use to make fat cakes for the birds in the winter.

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