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There are many types of cameras. Digital, disposable, 35mm films e.t.c. But what shall we do with them once we no longer want them? See below for some facts and tips about the second use and recycling of cameras and films.

Boy with Camera

* Disposable cameras aren't recommended if you want to lessen the impact on the environment, but these now can be recycled.

* Kodak for example have designed their disposable cameras so that they snap apart and that 90% of the parts can recycled.

* Ditigal cameras save on films and the processing. Plus you can delete unwanted pictures and only print out pictures that you really want.

* You can give away or sell your old camera if you no longer want it. this saves it from going to the landfill.


* The WEEE directive includes cameras and films so you can take unwanted items back to the shop from where you bouaght it from.

* Film cases can be taken back to Boots for recycling.

* Fuji Photo Flm have a take back scheme that has been running since 1990. This service is fress. For further information email:

Happy snapping!


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