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Coat Hangers

Coat hangers, wire hangers, clothes hangers, whatever you want to call them, pretty much everyone has a small collection in their wardrobes. Shop assistants give us hangers when we buy clothes, so we end up with more than we need. So what can we do with all those spare ones? Here are a few handy ideas.

Coathangers 1

* Bend the ends of a wire hanger upwards to make a hanging shoe drying rack.

* Replace plastic hanging potholders with wire from a wire hanger. The hook part is already there, so leave it on. Cut the bottom in the centre, creating two 'legs' and fastening another piece for the third leg to stabilise it. Insert into holes in the rim of the planter, bend twist and secure.

* For a tasty treat, spear marshmallows or hotdogs and roast them over a hot fire.

* Make wreaths by rounding a wire hanger and using it for a base. Tie yarn, plastic bag strips, or wire greenery or artificial flowers to it, then let your imagination run with this one.

* For a bit of fun, make up a bowl of bubbly water (Fairy liquid is ideal for this!) use a bended wire hanger and use it to make bubbles with.

* Make Christmas decorations by bending them into star shapes or tree shapes, or anything you fancy!

* Use the wire from several hangers to make a mini greenhouse. Bend the wire into 'U' shape and push the ends into the soil in a container, then cover with a clear plastic bag or plastic wrap.

* Make a paper towel holder by cutting out the bottom of the hanger and inserting the ends into a roll of paper towels. If your hanger is sturdy enough, just cut one end away and put the roll on the remaining bottom wire.

Coathangers 2

* You can make an edging fence with them. Straighten the wire hangers, and then bend into a 'U' shape and pushing the ends into the soil. Put the end of each one a couple of inches behind the end of the last one. Alternate between back and front of the next one.

* Use them to hang bird feeders and suet feeders on trees.

Alternatively charity shops are always looking for coat hangers, so if you want to give them away, give your local charity shop a call.

Source: About.com

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