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Clothes 1

Clothes and linen can reused many times, and many of us take our old clothes to the local charity shop, or make rags out of them for dusting. There are some other uses for your old clothes, and you can be really creative with old clothes. You can revamp them by dying them a different colour, or by adding sequins etc. Take a look at some of these ideas below:

* Make washcloths or hand towels from worn bath towels just by hemming them.

* You can make napkins from the backs of worn shirts. Just cut a square and hem it.

* Shirt pockets make neat holders for bathrooms and bedrooms. Sew them onto strips of hemmed material, or glue them to cardboard or plastic. Fill a stand-up picture frame with them for handy storage.

* Soft materials such as knitted t-shirts make excellent, washable substitutes for 'facial tissues'. Remove makeup with them and quit staining your washcloths.

* Save buttons, zips and trim for other projects- even if you can't sew. They can be used to make earrings, cuff links or lapel pins.

Clothes 2

* Woven cotton is great. Hem it and use it to clean windows and mirrors, or to polish chrome or dry dishes and countertops.

Source: About.com

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