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Composting hasn't got the most glamorous image, but so what? That doesn't mean we shouldn't do it. Composting is great for your garden. The plants love it because it helps them grow. It is also free, so why go and spend a tenner on some peat when you can make your own? And honestly, it's not that hard. Roughly a third of our waste in our rubbish bins can be composted. Unfortunately a lot of food stuff we buy in the supermarkets goes off quickly, usually before we have had chance to consume it. Items such as salad are main culprits. So how easy is it to start composting? Well here are a few pointers to get you started.


Getting Started

Firstly you need to decide whereabouts in your garden you want your compost heap. Then you need to decide weather you want to build your own compost/worm bin. Many local authorities sell discounted compost bins so contact your local council for more information. Alternatively you can build your own compost bin from old timber/mesh wire/old tyres e.t.c. Click on the following link for further advice on how to build your own.


Using a Compost Bin

Step one

Place your compost bin on soil. This allows insects and worms to gain access and help you create beautiful compost. If you must put the bin on concrete, place a thin layer of soil underneath. Either way, there needs to be some sort of access for worms and insects.

Step two

Add the ingredients. This can be both kitchen and garden waste. Here is a list of things you can and can't add.


Fast Working
These speed up the composting process:
* Young weeds
* Grass cuttings
* Chicken and pigeon manure
* Comfrey leaves

Slow Working
These slow down the composting process:
* Clippings
* Autumn leaves
* Tough hedge
* Woody prunings

* Fruit and vegetable scraps
* Tea bags
* Old flowers
* Coffee grounds
* Old straw and hay
* Perennial weeds
* Young hedge
* Clippings
* Gerbil, hamster and rabbit bedding
* Egg boxes (break up first!)
* Cardboard (break up first!)
* Wood ash
* Paper towels

* Cat litter
* Cat and dog faeces
* Glossy magazines
* Disposable nappies
* Meat
* Fish
* Cooked food
* Newspaper (to be avoided)

Check out the FAQ's below for any questions or problems you may have.

FAQ's and Trouble Shooting - Composting

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