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Second Uses for Coffee Grounds

Coffee is great. It gives you a wake up call first thing on a Monday morning. But it's not just for drinking you know. It has many other uses, some of which are listed below:

* Coffee can be composted. And so can your coffee filter.

* Coffee grounds can be used to deodorise a fridge. Pop some in a small container and leave at the bottom of the fridge.

* Coffee is said to deter ants, so sprinkle some used coffee grounds round a tree, or the garden plants and wait and see.

* Coffee makes a good paper dye. Pop coffee in hot water then use it to dye paper. (This is often a school project - members of the Junkk.com team remember it from their school days!)

* Coffee grounds makes a good exfoliating facial wash. Wet your face and them gently scrub. A tablespoon is all you need.

* Not sure if this work, but many celebrities are known to use this beauty trick regularly - rub warm coffee grounds into areas where you have cellulite (usually bottoms and thighs) and cover with plastic wrap/cling film for a few minutes and then rinse off. This is meant to help prevent/reduce cellulite.

* Pop some dried coffee grounds in a shaker (or make your own shaker) and use to wash your hands when cooking. It is great for getting rid of stubborn smells such as garlic or fish.

* Add to the plant pots in your house. It deters flies and other mites, and it also improves the soil - but don't add too much!

* Use coffee grounds to clean greasy pans.

* Popping some coffee grounds down drains apparently helps prevent them from getting blocked, although this is not recommended if the drain is already slow or blocked!

Source: About.com

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