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Newspaper Uses


Millions of people everyday, buy newspapers, from The Sun to the Observer, to the local AdMag. Many kerbside schemes quite happily accept newspapers, but what about reusing them instead? Here are some handy second uses for the humble newspaper.

* Ideal for drying windows, mirros and chrome. Give it a minute to become absorbent like a chamois cloth.

* Use newspaper sheets as drop cloths when painting.

* Use a pad of newspaper near the front door in wet weather to put boots and wet shoes on. Saves trambling mud around the house!

* Line the bottom of the bird/hamster/mouse cage with newspaper cut to fit.

* A layer of newspaper between the bottom sheet and mattress will make the bed warmer.


* Use it to make patterns for pretty much everything. Copy toy favourite sewing pattern onto newspaper to keep the pattern from wearing out.

* Use as mulch to keep down weeds. The newspaper will eventually degrade and enrich the soil too.

* Ripen tomatoes by individually wrapping them in newspaper and leaving them at room temperature.

* An oldie but goodie - Paper mache.

* Use it to absorb odours in containers of any kind. Fill the container with wadded up newspaper and close; let it set overnight or longer.

Photos taken by Anita Holford

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