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in alphabetical order

Aberdeen, Ron - Baysek
Anderson, Hugo - (Staff Brewmaster, Assistant Production Director) Budweiser Stag Brewing Company Limited
Baker, Norman - Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment
Ball, Claire - Department of Trade and Industry
Bayliss, Graham - The Web is the Way
Bargman, Christopher - (Business IT Broker) H+W Chamber of Commerce
Beard, Neil - BI International Ltd
Bedingfield, Katy - JBP Public Relations
Bone, Nick (Operations Manager) - Wyenet
Broadfield, Stephen - MediaDev
Bryan, Ian - NISP
Burch, Sara - Herefordshire Council
Burton, David (Managing Director) - Strateco
Cheng, Alfred (Vice President Fixed Income Research) - Citigroup Global Markets Limited
Cooper, Philip - Crossguard, Trade Mark and Copyright Attorneys
Dolman, Bob (UK Director) - Yudo UK
Fellows, Nick - Cartridge World
Gandhi, Sheila (Senior Trade Promotion Advisor) - Trade Partners UK
Gore, James - JBP Public Relations
Hadley, Bobbie (Policy Office) - Herefordshire Council
Hines, Nick - Net Broker Solutions
Hughes, Edward - Media Internet Limited
Hughes, Gareth (Teacher) - John Kyrle High School
Humble, Dennis (General Manager) - EnviroAbility
James, Penny - Marketing Services
J, Phoenix - Courtesy of Firebird Music
Jenkins, David (Director) - Sound Image
Kruger, Carl (Director), Strateco
Lincoln, Andrew (Managing Director) - Lincoln Corporate Communications Ltd
Luboff, Mark
Lymbery, Marc (Managing Partner/Consultant)
Lyons, William (Area Manager for Herefordshire) - H+W Chamber of Commerce
Mills, Stacy (Development Co-ordinator) - H+W Chamber of Commerce, STEP Programme
Marshall, Chris - Baysek
Martin, Irene
Moulds, Jo (PR and Marketing) - Remarkable Pencils Ltd
Muir, Jim - former Director of Roads and Transportation with a large local authority in Scotland
Murphy, Simon (MEP) - New Labour
Neicho, Martin
Pagan, Richard (Managing Director Fixed Income Research) - Citigroup Global Markets Limited
Page, Ian (Project Co-ordinator) - Prograta Funding
Roberts, Ray (Managing Director/Business Advisor) - RJR Consulting Ltd
Rowles, Simon
Sandles, Andrew (Business Development Officer) - University College of Worcester
Saxon, Martin - Arcadia Group
Smith, Keith - The Sunday Times
Stafford, Paul (Solicitor) - Three Counties Law
Taylor, Virginia
Walford, Roy (Business Development Executive) - H+W Chamber of Commerce
Webb, Richard - Elitenovel
Woolley, Andrew (Solicitor) - Woolley and Co Solicitors

Last updated 12 Oct 2004
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