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Welcome to Junkk.com


FaceBook for Rubbish

Junkk is, mainly, a match-maker. Like the man says: you have a neat idea for reuse? Add it. You want a neat idea. Find it. You get the picture. We're also trying to build a community, so there's some other fun stuff too. Surf's up, Roam & enjoy!

For latest news & tips & tricks from here there and everywhere, most days, why not check out our FaceBook page:

Link in text opposite>>>>>>>

"There's a storm comin', Ned!"

Well, some changes, anyway. You can read all about the plans (if not the solutions... we don't have those... yet) on the blog.

And until the much postponed site revamp takes place, the best place for updated material is, currently, still the 'Here Are Some We Remade Earlier' FaceBook Page. Use the traffic well, Mr. Zuckerberg!


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