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Printer Information

Most people who own a computer will most likely to have a printer too. Due to legislation it has been made easier for consumers to recycle their printers and cartridges at the end of their life. Although there are many schemes across the UK, many people are still unaware of the options that are open to them for recycling. Printers are quite cheap to purchase nowadays, and it often costs more to fix than to purchase a new one. Approximately two million working Pentium PCs are dumped in UK landfill sites every year. Containing hazardous materials, as well as small amounts of precious metals, these really shouldn't be ending up in landfill. There are also many recyclable parts in a printer, so it seems a waste for it to end up in the landfill when it can reused elsewhere.

So what should I do with my old printer?

If it still works, and is in reasonable condition then sell it on eBay, or give it to a friend who may be looking for one. There are also many charity schemes across the country, which are constantly on the look out for old computer equipment and printers to give to third world countries. If the printer is broken then ring up your local council and see if your local household bring site takes broken printers. There are many recycling companies that will also take printers as they can recycle the parts. Check out local companies in your area.

Many shops will also now take back electrical items including computers and printers. For example Dell Computers have a successful take back scheme.

Further Information

Dell Recycling:
Dell Recycling

Waste Point - find out where you can recycle here:

More information about printer cartridges here:

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