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Paper FAQ's

Got some questions about paper you want answering? Well have a look here, you may find it already answered!

1. How many pieces of paper will a single tree make?

Well trees come in all shapes and sizes, so it can vary quite a lot (think of 'how long is a piece of string?'). According to one manufacture, a cord of wood measuring 4ft by 8ft produces approximately 90,000 sheets of bond-quality paper or 2,700 copies of a 35-page newspaper.

2. What does Post-Consumer Material mean?

This means that waste paper that has served its intended purpose and has been separated from solid waste to be recycled into new paper. This is what we take to the local recycling centre, or leave out for our kerbside collections.

3. What does de-inked material mean?

This is waste paper that has had the ink, filler, coatings, etc. removed as a step in the production of recycled paper. This includes magazines and newspapers that were printed but never sold.

4. What does post-mill material mean?

This is paper waste generated in converting and printing that is done by a facility other than the paper mill.

5. I also hear the terms recovered, pre-consumer, wastepaper mentioned a lot. Do these terms mean anything?

These are ambiguous terms which have little consistency in definition...often refers to non-wastestream materials such as mill broke, other mill wastes, and wood chips.

6. By Recycling paper how many trees does it save?

Recycling one tonne of paper saves approximately 17 trees.

7. How much paper do we use throughout the year?

Well, on average a household will throw away 6 trees worth of paper in a year. Over a million tonnes of newspapers are thrown out, and the UK as a whole gets through approximately 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard every year.

8. How is paper recycled?

Paper, magazines, cardboard and newspapers are all collected from kerbside recycling schemes and paper banks and taken to the recycling plant. Once at the recycling plant, all the material is washed to get rid of the dyes and inks, and other materials such as glue, plastic films etc are also removed. Once this has been done, what is left is wet mushy paper, which is called pulp. The pulp then goes through a papermaking machine, which produces damp recycled paper, which is then left to dry. Once dried, the paper is then polished and then put into jumbo reels, which then cuts the paper into smaller sizes ready to be resold as recycled paper.

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If you have a question about paper, please contact us on info@junkk.com and we will do our best think of some answers!

Alternatively, if you are a bit of an expert on paper and recycling and want to share your knowledge with us, then please pop us an email!

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