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Bottle Banks

As you probably already know, glass recycling saves materials and energy, and reduces the need for landfill space. We use over 6 billion glass containers each year here in the UK, and about 23% of these are recycled. Bottle banks have an unfavourable image of being situated in dark and miserable places, attracting rats, and vandals, which of course is off-putting, even if it is untrue in many places. Bottle banks can now be found in supermarkets, and bring sites, and there are many new bottle banks, which have been designed to look more stylish to help attract recyclers (and not rats!).

This is a typical bottle bank, but obviously styles do vary.

Bottle Bank Etiquette

If you have never taken your bottles to the bottle bank before (or just need reminding), here are a few golden rule to remember:

* Wash out bottle before you take them to the bottle bank.

* Remove the lids of jars and bottles as these can cause damage to the glass furnaces in the recycling process.

* Do not leave litter - this puts other recyclers off.

* Never put anything other than glass into the bottle banks.

* Don't use bottle banks at night as this can disturb neighbours.

* If you are travelling by car to the bottle bank, make sure you are combining your journey with another chore such as going to the supermarket.

* Make sure bottles and jars go into the correct slots; otherwise mixed glass reduces the amount that can be recycled.

* If the bottle bank is full, call your local council and let them know so that they can arrange collection.

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