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Reuse Ideas for Tuna/Cat Food/General Food Tins

Tin cans are useful things. They are pretty sturdy, even when you drop one on the floor (a little dent is better than breakage!). Here are some nifty reuse ideas for some tuna cans and pet food cans. Cans are usually an industry standard size, so it can be a carrot can, sweet corn can, soap can.

* Use cans as portable ashtrays when you have guests round. Particularly good if you're holding an outside party/BBQ and you don't want stubs all over the garden.

* Punch a hole into the bottom of a can, and use it as a biscuit/pastry cutter.

* Wash thoroughly and remove labels of a tuna can, and use as a candleholder.

* Alternatively, make a giant tea light from a tuna can. Refill will melted or grated wax from use candles, add a wick or a slightly taller candle stub, and you're done. Do not handle hot wax please!

* When making new soap from old soap, use a tuna can as the mould. Make sure the tin is oiled first, or you won't get the mould out!

* Dig some holes in your back garden/field and put empty cans in each hole, making sure the lip is at ground level. Now you have your own miniature golf course, and you can still mow the lawn!

* Decorate a can, and reuse it as a pen/pencil holder.

* Punch some holes into the bottom of a can, (use a nail and hammer, and be careful) and then fill with seeds. Pop a secure lid on the top, and use as a shaker when planting seeds in the garden.

* Tuna cans are great for mixing small amounts of paint in.

* Food cans are great for storing small paintbrushes in.

* Use as drain trays for small plants. Punch some holes in the bottom.

If you can't/won't reuse them, then recycle them!

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