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There are over 3 million fridges and fridge freezers, which are disposed of each year.
Did you know that an empty fridge or one full to the brim, consumes more energy to stay cool? Keep the fridge three quarters full to benefit from efficiency.

How to dispose of your old fridge

So the fridge is on its last legs, and you've had it for years. Time to buy a new one? How do you dispose of the old one responsibility? The first place to try is your local council. Your waste collection authority is obliged to provide collections for bulky items, although they may charge for this service. Alternatively, if you have transport, take your fridge/freezer to the local amenity site, where it will be disposed of responsibly. To find out you're nearest amenity centre check out www.wastepoint.co.uk for further information.

If the fridge is in good working order, it is worth checking out local traders or charities that may take the appliance off your hands, and it will go to a new home.

Tips for purchasing a new fridge/freezer

There are many models on the market nowadays. Here are some useful tips to look out for when purchasing a new fridge and/or freezer:

* Frost-free models use 45% more energy than manual ones.
* Chest freezers are more efficient than upright models
* Freezers use more energy than fridges.
* Look out for the European Energy Label, which explains how efficient the model is. A is most efficient, whereas G is the least efficient.
* Check what coolant is used in the model. CFCs were banned due to the effects they have on the ozone layer, many manufacturers just replaced them with HFCs - greenhouse gases, which also effect the website. You may see fridges labelled 'CFC free' but these may contain HFCs. Look for a hydrocarbon-cooled model instead.

Maintenance Tips

A few tips to keep your fridge/freezer in tiptop condition and maximise efficiency.

* Place the appliance in a cool unheated place away from heaters, cookers and boilers.
* Defrost regularly, and replace any damaged door seals.
* Don't put hot and warm items in the fridge or freezer, as more energy is used to cool them down. Let food cool down properly before putting it in the fridge.
* Check that the temperature is set between 3 - 5 degrees Celsius. The colder you keep it, the more energy it uses.
* Dust down the coils at the back of the fridge - dusty coils can waste up to 30% extra electricity.

Further Information

The European Energy Label explained:


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