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General Greenhouse Information

A greenhouse is a glasshouse used to grow plants in regulated temperatures and humidity. Greenhouses can come in many sizes, from as small as a cold frame, to as large as a house. Greenhouses are often used for growing a range of plants such as flowers, fruit, and vegetables. It is particularly handy to use them in the winter during the colder weather to help prevent plants from dying. Some greenhouses are designed to be even more efficient by capturing the sun, which works by letting in solar radiation and trapping the energy from the radiation to help maintain, or increase the internal temperature above the temperature outside. This helps extend the growing season for many plants.

What are the advantages of having a greenhouse?

* A greenhouse protects plants against the winter frost and various plant-munching insects.
* By growing your own fruit and vegetables, and this saves you money, reduces food miles (your produce doesn't have far to travel!).
* You know where the food is coming from, and it is fresh as you can get it.
* If your produce is of good quality, sell it to local people; this helps reduce other people's food miles.
* The greenhouse doesn't have to be large, shop around for smaller sizes, or build your own.

What are the disadvantages of having a greenhouse?

* A greenhouse is a bit of a problem if you don't have a garden.
* You need to keep on top of the plants. If you're not very green fingered, then perhaps it's not worth investing in one.
* If you buy one from new, it can cost a few hundred pounds.

A greenhouse sounds Ideal for me, where can I purchase one?

Ideally, you can make one from left-over timber you, or someone else may have, but if you don't fancy that, check out the local papers for second-hand greenhouses. This will be cheaper than purchasing one brand new. Alternatively if you do want to purchase one brand new, check out local DIY stores. Look out for greenhouses with sustainable wood frames.

Be inspired to build your own greenhouse - check out the website below where a greenhouse has been made out of plastic bottles!

Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

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