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Alternative Energy Grants

Thinking about installing solar panels, a wood burning boiler system or having a hydropower turbine for the community? Converting to renewable energy costs a lot of money, although the costs in the long term are lower than using conventional methods.

There is help at hand though. The government is keen to promote alternative energies, and there are currently a number of grants for various alternative schemes across the country, which are subsided by the government. Here is a selection of grants that you can apply for. Please remember that some of these will not run forever, so if you are considering applying for a grant, we recommend you do it sooner rather than later, or you may miss out on the funding!

Clear Skies

Grants can be applied for:

* Solar hot water
* Wind power
* Hydro power
* Ground source heat pumps
* Room heater/stoves automated wood pallet feed
* Wood fuelled boiler systems

Can provide various grants for individual households or communities. The size of the household grant varies, depends on the size/type of technology that is installed, but a maximum of 5,000 can be applied for. For community grants, the size of the grant is the lower of 50% of installed cost or 50,000 regardless of the technology.

Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust provides a variety of information about grants and other schemes, not just for households and communities, but also for businesses.
Here are some examples:

* The Northern Ireland Project Fund -(NIPF)
* Scottish Community and Householders Renewables Initiative
* Solar (PV) grants

Alternatively, check out the funding database for various renewable schemes in your area Funding Database

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