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Car Boots

Car boots are a great way to sell your junk to someone who wants it, make some money and also save the planet! Many people purchase brand new items (such as sofas, televisions, furniture) and sometimes it really isn't necessary. Buying stuff from car boots means one less purchase of something brand new, which has taken lots of energy to make, and one less thing that might have ended up in the landfill. Car boots are also great for finding treasures, and you never know you may even find an unknown antique! So do you have an attic full of things you no longer need? Or are you looking for some treasure? Well here are some tips for buying or selling at a car boot.

Selling Tips

* Choosing the right car boot. There are lots of car boots every week taking place up and down the country, at a variety of venues. To find one near you, check out the Internet (look at the links below), look in your local papers and look in the local shop windows for advertisements. Also think about potential weather conditions. Do you really want to be in a muddy field, or under cover?

* Deciding what to sell. The beauty of a car boot is that you can sell pretty much anything from clothes, furniture, books etc. Once you have decided what to sell, start pricing it all up with labels, and pack everything carefully. Use old newspaper for fragile items etc.

* Stuff to take with you. There are a number of things which will make your car boot experience more comfortable and easy. Firstly a table and chair is essential. Make sure you leave room in the car to pack that in. Take plenty of change because you always have one person that buys something for 20 pence with a 20-pound note (make sure your money is stored safely and securely). Wrap up warm and prepare for rain and even mud! Lastly bring a friend to help out, and a good supply of food and drink.

* Getting to the car boot. Make sure you pack your car carefully, to make sure everything fits! And one tip is to put the table in last. On the day of the car boot, make sure you get there in plenty of time so that you don't miss out on the early bird bargain hunters and so that you also get a good pitch.

* Other things to remember. If you have never done a car boot before remember these things. It is commonplace that while you are still unloading your car, you may have eager bargain hunters trawling through your stuff, don't worry, as this is common. Bargain hunters will haggle with you to lower the price. You usually have to pay a small fee for the pitch.

Buying Tips

* The most obvious is make sure you are buying something you know that will get used in your home and its not going to end up in the attic. It is quite easy (just like in the sales) to buy something that is cheap rather than because you need it.

* Buy electrical items with caution. Although there are many genuine car booters, there are also some that will claim that items are in good working order when they aren't. If you do plan to buy an electrical item, ask plenty of questions first, and see if the owner has any proof of purchase or warranty.

* Learn the art of haggling. If something catches your eye but you think it is a little price then make a lower offer, and see where it gets you! It is always more satisfying coming away with an even bigger bargain.

* If you know your antiques or know what is collectable, then keep your eyes open. Many people will sell valuable items unknowingly at car boots, and this is a great chance for bargain hunters to pick up something highly valuable for very little money.

Further Information

Find out where your nearest car boot is, or add a car boot to the directory check this website out:

For traders find out the advice from Trading Standards here:

Want to discuss and debate Car boots? Then check out the forum page here (need to register first, but its worth it!)
Car Boots

Photo courtesy of Big Bens Car Boots

FOR MORE INFORMATION and links, updated as new information comes in, go here: CATEGORY - Car Boot Sales

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