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Brita Filters

Some people like to drink bottled water. They feel that perhaps their tap water doesn't taste as nice or it isn't pure enough. But did you know that tap water goes through more rigorous testing than bottled water?

Why use water filters?

Bottled water isn't the best for the environment (plastic bottles) or your pocket (a 2 litre bottle of water can cost up to 2.00). So what is the alternative if you really don't want to drink the tap water? A water filter. There are many of these on the market now, Brita being a popular choice for many people. Although tap water is perfectly safe, it is treated, with substances, which can affect the taste of it. A water filter reduces the substances, making the water taste and even look better. It also costs less than bottled water, - only 5p per 2 litres and less than 3p per litre.

Pets also prefer filtered water, as some are sensitive to the chlorine that is in tap water. And if you use it in your kettle, it will make it last longer as it helps prevent the build up of lime scale.

Can they be recycled?

BRITA has launched a new in store recycling scheme. Recycling bins are now situated in a range of high street stores such as Robert Dyas, Argos and Cargo. Other major retailer collection points will be following soon.

For further information regarding this scheme please contact the BRITACare department on 0844 742 4800 or log onto their website at www.brita.co.uk/recycle

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