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Organic Home Care

Whilst organic food is becoming more mainstream, organic home care products are harder to find. As the choice is more limited, there needs to be an element of practicality to the most ardent organic lifestyle. Here is some advice on how to make your home more natural or organic.

Wood is a very popular furnishing, but it can be treated with various chemicals. Although there is a perceived belief that wood needs to be treated, untreated wood used properly in a warm dry house is just as effective. Although this is of course ideal, sourcing untreated wood maybe tricky. So alternatively, look out for reclaimed wood that can be reused again. This may not be as natural, but if you restore or repair something, it won't be ending up in the landfill. Another alternative is to buy wood that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. This guarantees the wood cones from well-managed forests where there is no destructive logging. Look out for the logo on products.

Check out the FSC website for further information:

Check out the information from the Good Wood Guide by the Friends of the Earth:

The cheapest smooth floorings are made of PVC, also known as vinyl, which is a major source of toxic substances in the environment. Many chemicals are used in the process of making modern carpets, but that doesn't stop the build up of bacteria, dust mites, pet hair, and other unsavoury things. If you are planning to replace your carpets, look out for natural materials such as coir, jute, and wool. You can also use recycled carpets, but they may still have various amounts of chemicals in them, as they are made from mixed fibre

For alternative flooring check out these companies below:

Alternative Flooring - natural flooring and rugs
01264 335111

Crucial Trading - sells natural flooring including jute, coir and wool
01562 835 656


Producing a tonne of paint can create up to ten tonnes of waste, mainly toxic waste too. One major hazard from paint is VOCs - Volatile Organic Compounds. These are not only bad for the environment, but also cause health problems too. Many paints now carry a VOC rating on their tins (this was a voluntary move by manufacturers a couple of years ago). It is obvious to go for one with a low VOC rating. Although some low VOC paints are high in other chemicals such as alkyl phenols and vinyl resins which can cause heath problems. But not all VOC's are bad for the environment. Some VOC's include alcohol and citrus oils - so VOC ratings are helpful, but don't include information like that. Titanium is harmless, but how it is manufactured is an environmental concern, as the production process uses so much energy.

There are alterative paints on the market. Organic paints need solvents like standard paints, but use plant oils rather than petrochemical products. Check out these alternative paint suppliers:

Auro Organic Paints - importers of natural organic paints
01799 543077

Ecos Paints - odourless solvent free organic paints
01524 852371

Home Accessories
There are many alternative accessories on the market that are more natural, organic and environmentally friendly. Try opting for linen that hasn't been bleached, and there are also some great recycled products on the market. Check these websites out below to give you some inspiration:

Greenfibres - provides environmentally friendly and organic home accessories
0845 330 3440

Natural Collection - a variety of products
0870 331 3335

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