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Alternative Cleaning Products

Alternative Cleaning Products

Quite frankly, there are very few of us that enjoy cleaning. But it's got to be done. And in the UK, we seem to be a nation of chemical lovers. Many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals, which aren't good for the environment, or even for our health. There have been reports that harsh chemicals used in some products are linked with health problems such as asthma.

For many years public perception has been that mainstream cleaning products are more effective as they kill germs, have a good reputation, and even produce a 'smell of cleanliness'. Many environmentally friendly cleaning products haven't been as effective, and more expensive to purchase, and haven't been available in shops. This is however, changing. Alternative cleaning products from washing powder to bathroom cleaner have now been developed to be as effective as the more common mainstream brands that we are all use to.

So what 'green' products can I buy?

Green manufacturers tend to make their products using vegetable based agents rather than petrol based agents, so that is one thing to look out for.

There is pretty much 'greener' alternatives for most cleaning products such as washing powder, bathroom spray, floor polish, washing up liquid, toilet cleaners, etc nowadays. Here are a couple mentioned, but there are many others.


This company sells a number of ecological products from washing powder, fabric conditioner to hand cleaner. Visit their website at www.ecover.com to see the range of their products and in which shops you can find them.


Are a small company that again, sell a variety of cleaning products such as mirror/glass cleaner. Their website is www.biodegradable.biz

Where can I buy these Products?


Many health shops and even supermarkets are now stocking alternative cleaning products. For example, Co-op sells many items in the Ecover range.

Online Stores

If you don't have time to traipse around the shop, here are some online stores where some of these products can be purchased:




Further information

This is interesting information regarding chemicals that are put into everyday products from Greenpeace.


Asthma UK - how cleaning products and asthma may be linked


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