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Some facts about cardboard:

* Cardboard holds little monetary value for recycling because it is light weight and usually of low quality.

Cardboard Box

* Cardboard makes great compost. Just add egg shells, teabags and other fruit/salad waste and mix together!

* Cardboard is made from cellulose fibres, generally from wood pulp, which can be used again if recycled.

Cardboard Box2

* Cardboard can be recycled four to five times before the fibres degrade and disintergrate.

* Cardboard can be turned into animal bedding, more cardboard boxes, stationery, and even coffins!

Most cardboard is recyclable, but look out for the following symbols:



This is the Mobius loop symbol and it can be found on most types of cardboard packaging. This means it is recyclable. If the centre of the symbol contains a number then this means the item is made from a certain percentage of recycled materials.

RESY Cardboard Symbol

The RESY symbol guarentees that the packaging is recyclable and will be accepted by cardboard recyclers.

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