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Eco Fashion

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Posts: 8
12/1/06 - 14:58
Original Post:
How Eco-conscious are you when it comes to fashion?
John Mills
Posts: 9
12/1/06 - 17:04
Not at all. I am quite bad, I tend to go for the cheapest clothes, and don't really care much for fashion, or where my clothes have come from. I probably should really.
Posts: 71
13/1/06 - 12:14
I wear my jeans to destruction. By fortunate coincidence, ripped jeans have now come back into fashion! Most stuff comes from a charity shop, and just occasionally it happens to be fashionable... Don't forget Kylie Minogue bought her famous gold hotpants on a 2nd hand stall for 50p!
Posts: 13
17/1/06 - 16:55
I don't really care about fashion. I buy second hand clothes when I need them.
Posts: 7
22/1/06 - 17:50
I buy second hand for everything apart from underwear and shoes. I try to buy organic underwear. I haven't yet found a fully environmental approach to shoes, though I do avoid leather where i can. I repair clothes when they need it and sometimes customise items I've got bored with. I donate all my clothes (except underwear) to second hand shops. I'm a hippy goth and don't follow fashion as such though recently it probably looks as though i have been doing!
Posts: 15
24/1/06 - 15:39
My girlfriend lives on eBay. She buys all her clothes from there. Which I think is great as not only is she saving money, but she is also contributing to the reduced need to manufacture new items which use more energy. And she looks great too. ;)
Posts: 7
25/1/06 - 14:59
Don't you think though, that women tend to be a lot more fashion concious than us men?
Posts: 2
26/1/06 - 15:58
I would love to buy Eco-friendly clothing but it is either way beyond my budget or not made to fit my size (I'm 'too short' 5'1" and size 18 up top, with very wide feet). I try to find things in second-hand/charity shops but face the same problems. I'm not fashion conscious - I think I've been too much of a tomboy for that. What shocks me is the amount my daughter (age 22) spends on clothes, shoes, boots, handbags, designer labels............Totally unlike her sister and brother!
Posts: 12
26/1/06 - 16:32
Umm, I think organic fashion has got a long way to come. A lot of the stuff I find itchy, and although I wouldn't class myself as a trendy type, I do like to look nice, and I really don't think organic fashion takes that into account!
Posts: 71
29/1/06 - 13:59
have you been to the hippyshopper website? Here you will find the genuinely trendy eco stuff. Costs a small fortune usually. Stick to the charity shops!
Posts: 17
11/4/06 - 16:59
Eco fashion is improving. I mean, Marks and spencer have started selling Fairtrade/Organic fashion so I guess its a start! Epona Sports do some great sporty gear if you want to be ethical, as well as sporty. thier website is:

I think they also have a directory listing on this site if I remember rightly.
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