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Welcome to our Forum pages.

These are, as the name suggests, meant as an opportunity for a free exchange of ideas, questions, answers and views. Our moderator keeps an eye on things, but we ask you all to use it in the right spirit. Some issues can arouse passions and highly different viewpoints, so try and keep things polite.

We at Junkk.com of course have our own opinions (and more than enough to have some heated debates here at Junkk Central) and may pitch in too, but we do see it as our mission to try and stay balanced, objective, pragmatic and informed.

Also, if we don't have an answer, we'll say so, and do our best to go and find out from someone who does! Even so, remember that life is seldom black or white, but usually shades of grey (or in our case, green).

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Desperately Searching..
Looking for an item or product that you can't find in the Xchange? Post a request here and other Junkk users will be able to help you out... View Forum
Last Post:
29/01/2013 08:04

Junkk Forum
Welcome to the Junkk.com forum! Here you can debate/ask questions/suggest ideas/be inspired! Note that this is a pretty 'open' system and though there are no 'rules' we rely on users to apply common sense and decency. Should anyone cross the line of what is acceptable, write to us at info[at]junkk.com, telling us where and when, we will have a gander and take any necessary action.... View Forum
Last Post:
02/06/2012 16:43

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